Whether you are looking to have a single award custom designed and fabricated to your exact requirements, or need custom components laser cut/engraved/marked for a personal project or your business, Marked by Imagination offers a number of specialized services, for both consumer and commercial applications, that can help you take your ideas and concepts and turn them into realities.

Project Design/Drawing

If you have a general idea for a project, but need to further define the specifics and develop a final design, we can work with you to turn your ideas and/or rough sketches into a fabrication-ready design complete with measured drawing(s).

We can help design and/or draw items for custom fabrication such as:
- Custom Awards
- Custom Promotional Products
- Two-Dimensional Laser Cut Parts/Prototypes
- Equipment Control Panels
- Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays
- Interior Signage
- And more...

Once you have a finalized design, we can laser cut and/or custom fabricate your item and add laser engraved text, graphics, logos or photos to complete the project.

2D/3D Design Visualization

If you need to visualize what various materials or colors would look like for a particular custom design, we can produce textured 2D or 3D visualizations with various material and/or color combinations for you to review.

This is particularly useful for projects where it may be difficult for decision makers to develop an accurate mental picture from a simple line drawing and material descriptions.


Graphic Editing/Enhancement/Layout

If your project requires custom graphics, corporate logos, or photographs, we can edit images and logos to your specific requirements, enhance and optimize the graphics/photos to ensure the best final results on your selected medium(s), and layout the text, graphics, and photos to your exact specifications.

Some of our graphic editing/enhancement services include:
- Image Retouching (Red Eye/Blemish Removal)
- Photo Customization (Addition of Text or Graphics)
- Color/Contrast Adjustment
- Colorization
- Object Removal or Addition
- Background Removal/Replacement
- Special Effects (Posterization, Artistic Mediums, Etc.)
- Borders
- Logo Scanning & Vectorization
- Photo Optimization for Laser Engraving

Laser Cutting

Are you a hobbyist or woodworker that needs to have a single item laser cut for a special project, or does your company outsource laser cutting of components for a product you manufacture? Our state-of-the-art laser systems are capable of producing extreemly intricate cuts in a variety of materials that would be virtually impossible by any other method and we can handle single piece cutting jobs to moderate volume production jobs.

Our laser systems can cut materials up to 24"x18" in size and up to 1/2" thick depending on the material. Please reference our Laserable Materials Matrix for a list of materials that can be laser cut, engraved, or marked.

These materials can be laser cut for a variety of applications such as:
- OEM Parts
- 2D Part Prototyping
- Scrapbooking Cutouts
- Stencils/Templates
- Ornaments
- Custom Gaskets
- Woodworking/Router Templates
- Architectural Modeling
- Equipment Control Panels
- Marquetry
- Game Manufacturing
- Jewelry
- Embroidery Appliques
- Custom Puzzles
- Mat Board Cutting
- Cutting Fabric Quilt Components
- Custom Computer Case Mods
- Wedding Cake Decorations
- And much more...

Laser Engraving

Would you like to engrave your company logo into an item you manufacture or custom packaging such as a wood gift box? Do you have an item you would like to have personalized for yourself or as a gift?

Our laser systems allow us to take virtually any comination and layout of text, graphics, logos, or photos and engrave them with intricate detail (up to 1200 dots per inch) on a wide variety of laser engravable products and materials. For a list of these materials please reference our Laserable Materials Matrix.

We can laser engrave items for applications such as:
- Equipment Control Panel Markings
- Interior Signage
- Mechanical/Electrical Identification Tags
- Custom Picture Frames/Mats
- Custom Cabinet Engravings
- Awards
- Promotional Items
- Photo Memories/Memorials
- Personalized Gifts
- Home Decor
- Templates
- And much more...

Our laser systems can engrave items and materials up to 24"x18" in size and up to 11" tall depending on the overall shape of a particular item. Please reference our Laserable Materials Matrix for a list of materials that can be laser cut, engraved, or marked.

Metal Marking

Do you have metal parts or tools that you need marked with text such as a part number, serial number, or a graphic such as a company logo?

We can directly mark anodized aluminum items and some coated or painted metals. Other metals such as stainless steel, bare aluminum, carbon steel, and chrome plating can be marked utilizing a special metal marking compound that when hit with a CO2 laser, produces a permanent, high-contrast mark that is bonded to the surface of the metal.


Custom Fabrication

Marked by Imagination maintains an on-site woodshop which gives us the ability to fabricate truely custom pieces for our clients. If you can't find an item that fits your needs, we can custom design, fabricate, and laser engrave the perfect item for you.

We can fabricate items such as:
- Custom Awards
- Custom Promotional Products
- Special Gifts
- Small Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays
- Interior Signage
- And more...


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