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When we founded Marked by Imagination, we set out to create a business that would allow us to help "mark" those very special moments and people in each of our lives that have helped define us and make us who we are.

We wanted to have a business that was focused on the things that have true meaning and value... we wanted a business that was about people.  A business that would allow us to participate in celebrating the important milestones and successes in a person's life and inspire them during the difficult or mundane times.

When we build up people and positively touch their lives, we are building up something that will endure forever.  For long after the trivial and physical things of this life fade away, the human spirit will persist.

It is our goal to be builders of people and we hope that the products and services we offer reflect that desire and are helpful as you go out into your corner of the world in the same pursuit.

Troy & Sarah Cooper
Founders - Marked by Imagination, Inc.


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